rainmeter download free from Windows


Rainmeter is a unique set of desktop widgets in the style of Windows 7. It is distinguished by subtle appearance settings and high speed.

Rainmeter features

  • Built-in clock and calendar,
  • Fine-tuning the appearance of widgets,
  • Detailed information about the network connection,
  • It is possible to control the media player,
  • Display of important system information,
  • A wide range of themes for Windows 7,
  • Rainmeter is automatically updated from the official website,
  • Shows the free and used amount of disk and RAM on your computer.


  • Availability of IP and DNS data,
  • Improves system performance,
  • Quick download and installation of the application,
  • Pleasant interface, convenient management,
  • Compatibility of the new version of Rainmeter with Windows 10,
  • View incoming messages on your email,
  • Displays the status of computer resources in a separate window,
  • Rainmeter Desktop is displayed directly on the desktop in all windows,
  • Beautiful visual effects when playing music (Audio Visualizer).


  • English interface,
  • Negatively affects the performance of weak PCs.
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