Rambler-Browser (Nichrome) download free from Windows

Rambler Brauzer Nihrom

Introducing fast, safe, modern and convenient Rambler Browser for Windows OS of any modification. Enjoy the complete comfort of surfing the Internet with the help of the new and already popular multifunctional browser based on the Chromium engine, developed by Rambler!

Features Rambler-Browser (Nichrome)

  • Support for various extensions,
  • Remembers passwords and logins to several social network accounts,
  • Comfortable transition to the most visited sites. The quick access page provides 12 thumbnails of the most visited resources,
  • Full recovery session. When the browser crashes, an unplanned power outage, etc. all bookmarks are automatically saved.
  • Quick transition to all Rambler services: mail, information portals, current news of the country and the world in one place, TV program for today, etc.


  • Quick installation,
  • There is a built-in file downloader,
  • Simple and understandable Russian-language interface,
  • Rambler Browser for OS Windows has a beautiful design,
  • Works stably and is distributed completely free of charge,
  • It is possible to install widgets for weather, mail, etc.,
  • High speed of work and download, even higher than Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox,
  • A navigation bar has been implemented, which displays the most popular Rambler sites,
  • One address line for a search query in the Rambler system and the introduction of the site name,
  • Convenient setting. The hint system will help even a new user how and what to do without any skills,
  • Increased security, built-in automatic protection against malicious resources.


  • During installation, it often gives an error and the process breaks down,
  • The Nichrome browser was created on a rather outdated Chromium engine, which has not been updated since 2013!,
  • On older PC models, when you open a large number of tabs, there are strong slowdowns,
  • Complete lack of individuality. The Nichrome browser, from the developers of Rambler, is identical to Google’s Google Chrome, but only with its own services and search engine.
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