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Razer Game Booster is a free utility for improving the comfort of the gaming process and running games smoothly on weak computers. Improve the performance of your favorite toys in real time using the functionality of the application.

Razer Game Booster Features

  • Effective increase in PC performance,
  • Option to record image, audio and create screenshots,
  • Stabilization of RAM,
  • Automatic and manual selection of configurations,
  • Used game parameters can be saved,
  • Monitoring of OS flaws that affect the game mode,
  • Defragment files to improve performance.


  • The latest version of Razer Game Booster on Windows 10 is even faster,
  • A noticeable increase in performance for maximum performance in games,
  • Record video during the game directly to the cloud storage or the specified location of the hard drive,
  • The necessary services, processes and resources are launched to optimize the system,
  • The official website of Razer Game Booster will provide the latest driver to smoothly run various games on your hardware,
  • A tool for terminating background applications that load the central processor and video card,
  • There is a cloud network of settings for gamers,
  • Riser Game Booster is a PC optimization program developed in partnership with iObit,
  • Pleasant and fairly simple interface, there is a Russian menu shell.


  • Data not saved in a timely manner may be completely lost,
  • If you want to play a really powerful shooter on frankly outdated hardware, the application will not help: for example, the PUBG computer game will not physically work properly on an old PC with a built-in video card.
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