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The Reaper program is designed to create multi-channel audio compositions. It will help you edit as well as mix multiple audio recordings into an acceptable format. Moreover, this utility boasts a large number of effects with which you can add additional shades of nuance to your track. True, the program is not supposed to be in Russian.

Reaper features

  • High quality recorded audio,
  • converts files to various formats,
  • supports VST and VSTi plugins,
  • audio recording mode,
  • supports ASIO driver for sound cards,
  • supports 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7, Windows 8 and others,
  • a large number of settings, effects and filters,
  • can edit audio recordings in multitrack mode,


  • Simple and intuitive interface,
  • you can download Reaper for free on hundreds of sites,
  • there is a portable version,
  • a huge selection of different effects,
  • supports all modern audio formats,
  • a new version, such as reaper 4.78, is almost always better than the previous one.


  • The free version, which can be downloaded by torrent, is valid for only 30 days,
  • interface language is English.
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