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Red Ball 4 is a colorful, easy-to-control timekiller for Windows. The arcade has a funny storyline and many interesting tasks. You have to help the red balloon save the planet!

Features of Red Ball 4

  • Destroy square enemies by jumping right on top of them,
  • Collect stars – you will need them to move to a new level,
  • Use different objects to make a ladder, springboard, bridge out of them and overcome an obstacle,
  • Take care of precious lives – for each fall and unsuccessful collision with the enemy, you lose one of three hearts.


  • Gameplay with physical puzzle elements,
  • Difficult puzzles that will have to be solved on the way,
  • No ads and intrusive in-app purchases,
  • Colorful high-quality graphics with detailed drawing,
  • Unusual and funny avatar in the form of a cute red balloon,
  • Simple and uncomplicated gameplay: roll and jump,
  • A large number of exciting levels and four locations where you can have fun.


  • At the start, there is not enough instructions for controlling the main character
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