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RimWorld is a sci-fi colony simulator with an interesting storyline and unique gameplay. After the crash of a space liner, your heroes will have to land on an uncharted planet and start building a prosperous high-tech civilization.


  • You can control three people at once,
  • The player can survive by any means,
  • Available to download mods and add-ons,
  • Automatic change of time of day and weather conditions,
  • Excellent storyline with many tasks and quests,
  • Huge open locations, complete freedom of action,
  • Changing graphics and sound settings in the game settings,
  • A well-thought-out system for leveling characters and improving equipment,
  • Comfortable control using the keyboard, mouse or gamepad,
  • Creation of factions with other settlements, joint raids and ambushes,
  • Ability to recruit friendly units and unlimited crafting,
  • Automatic saving of game progress at checkpoints,
  • Epic battles with hostile creatures, melee and ranged combat,
  • Extraction and production of food, means of treatment, tools, weapons, armor and clothing for the wards.


  • Nice animation effects,
  • Fast installation process on PC,
  • Atmospheric soundtrack,
  • High-quality textures,
  • Nothing is cut or recoded,
  • Unobtrusive and dynamic gameplay,
  • CODEX confidential information protection technology,
  • Access to in-game purchases on the Steam Game service,
  • The release of the strategy attracted more than 10 million fans,
  • You can take screenshots and record gameplay on video,
  • Improved generator of random objects, creatures and buildings,
  • Includes Strategy, Survival Simulation, Indie genres,
  • Regular toy updates from the official website of the publisher and developer,
  • There are versions of Rim World v1.0 beta 18 for Mac OS, Linux and Sony PlayStation, Xbox consoles.


  • Fairly high RAM consumption,
  • Lack of voice acting and localization of subtitles,
  • There may be problems when starting the Driven Simulator Mod,
  • The full version of the game RimWorld v1.0.2231 2018 PC contains paid content,
  • Korean, Finnish, Romanian, Japanese, Portuguese, Norwegian, Russian, Ukrainian, English, French interface languages ​​are available at the same time only in updated repacks.
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