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RocketDock is a stylish panel for quickly launching Windows programs and applications. It is located at the top of your desktop and is activated on hover. Helps personalize the operating system interface and conveniently arrange the most frequently used icons, as is done in MacOS.

Features RocketDock

  • Quickly add items to the RocketDock panel in real time,
  • Working with translucent ICO and PNG icons,
  • Built-in support for multiple monitors in RocketDock on Windows,
  • The presence of an animated taskbar and system tray,
  • There are more than 20 language modules,
  • Increase icon when hovering over shortcut in RocketDock,
  • The animation speed in RocketDock is easily configurable,
  • Adding frequently used applications to the quick access panel,
  • Customizable interface appearance and various graphic themes,
  • Import of icons from similar utilities Mobydock, ObjectDock and RK Launche is available.


  • Russian interface language RocketDock,
  • Design in the style of Mac OS,
  • Ease of organizing program shortcuts,
  • Drag & Drop animated quick launch toolbar support,
  • The compact size of the Rocket Dock installation file,
  • The latest version of the RocketDock utility is optimized for Windows 8,
  • Runs quickly on weak computers,
  • Adjusting the level of transparency and the size of the icons.


  • Does not work with Microsoft Windows 10,
  • Few features,
  • No update from the official site.
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