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Rockstar Games Launcher is the official game client for launching and updating games released by Rockstar Games. Supports all popular video games from a well-known company, includes a store where you can buy new games, add-ons and in-game items.

Features of Rockstar Games Launcher

  • Access to cloud saves,
  • Convenient news feed, many interesting reviews,
  • Allows you to download games and download updates for them,
  • The presence of a personal user library with purchases,
  • Lots of popular games including GTA V, GTA IV, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, etc.


  • Sending notifications about discounts,
  • Low system requirements,
  • The client can be installed on Windows and MacOS,
  • The presence of a market with in-game add-ons,
  • Nice interface, intuitive controls.


  • You can not download outdated games,
  • The service provides mostly paid content.
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