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Rufus is a free utility for creating bootable disks based on ISO images. In addition, it is designed to format removable media and has all the necessary functionality to create an installation DVD with Windows, Linux and other platforms.

Rufus Features

  • The Rufus program works with flash media of various sizes,
  • The menu interface is designed in Russian,
  • The program formats USB drives,
  • BIOS firmware is supported, as well as DOS,
  • Good optimization when working with Window OS,
  • Compatibility with ntfs, fat, fat32, exfat file systems,
  • Fast and high-quality creation of a bootable flash drive with games, applications and OS,
  • Verification of md5 checksums is available,
  • Using the Rufus program, you can detect ‘broken’ sectors,
  • Rufus supports any version of Windows, including Windows XP.


  • The small size of the utility itself, high speed performance,
  • The boot disk formatting and burning utility is constantly updated through the official website,
  • The interface language of Rufus USB Creator is implemented in Russian,
  • The latest version shows an excellent level of optimization when working with Windows 7, as well as Windows 8 and Windows 10,
  • Ability to run both through bios and uefi, support for grub and other linux bootloaders,
  • The software does not require installation and is fully functional on standard settings,
  • Quickly create a bootable ISO image or a bootable USB disk.


  • The utility does not support memory cards or CDs.
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