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Russian Fishing 3 for PC is a realistic fishing simulation game with amazing locations and an impressive set of equipment. The long-awaited continuation of the fishing simulator series is perfect for enjoying what you love from the comfort of your home!

Features Russian fishing

  • Profitable to sell the catch to earn money,
  • Independently select a variety of gear, bait,
  • Choose a suitable place for fishing in any corner of the world,
  • Get the first money to purchase basic gear,
  • Prepare caught fish (dry, fry, smoke, etc.),
  • Play the popular fishing simulator online for free.


  • 46 new fish species, including 30 rare ones,
  • Single mode and network game with friends,
  • A simulation game with a very realistic process,
  • Educational game mode and built-in fishing encyclopedia,
  • Additional updates (Ural, Tierra del Fuego, Sea Eagle, Norway, etc.),
  • Competitive spirit: regular tournaments with other fishermen, quests and tasks, high scores table.


  • Registration via e-mail is required,
  • The game is only for the assiduous: waiting for a bite, especially at the first levels, can be delayed.
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