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RusVPN is a fast, stable and easy-to-use VPN service that provides full access to blocked sites, as well as ensuring anonymity and security on the Internet. It can be installed as a standalone application or as an extension for Google Chrome and Firefox Mozilla browsers.

Features RusVPN

  • Work in the background,
  • Allows you to change the IP address,
  • Provides a secure connection,
  • Minimize the application window to tray,
  • Efficient bypass of provider blocking,
  • The proxy keeps your privacy,
  • You can connect to VPN with one click of the mouse,
  • Unlimited access to any online resource,
  • Support for wireless, wired home and mobile Internet.


  • A huge number of satisfied customers,
  • Comfortable and intuitive interface,
  • Unlimited access to regional content,
  • Quick installation of the utility, simple account setup,
  • Reliable and round-the-clock protection of user personal data,
  • Low price for a paid subscription (you can save money profitably),
  • RusVPN Free VPN Proxy service works with Windows, MacOS, Windows, iOS, Linux.


  • There is no plugin for Opera,
  • More features and services after purchasing the paid version.
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