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The SRWare Iron web browser is designed to improve the efficiency of surfing the World Wide Web, as well as to increase the security of your confidential information.

Features of SRWare Iron

  • Availability of free source code of the Chromium project,
  • SRWare Iron shows high page loading speed,
  • The latest version of the program is distinguished by the absence of modules that violate user security and privacy,
  • There is an Ad-blocking function responsible for blocking various ads,
  • Option to activate hints in the address bar based on the history of visits,
  • Lack of identification identifier of the owner of the iron browser,
  • The ability to install on SRWare Iron themes and extensions from Chrome.


  • A simplified and faster version of Google Chrome with an increased level of privacy,
  • The new version of SRWare Iron is optimized for Windows 8 and Windows 10,
  • Convenient interface with Russian-language implementation,
  • Effective ad blocking functionality in SRWare Iron,
  • Periodic updates from the official website,
  • No error reports are sent due to the lack of third-party tracking.


  • SRWare Iron is not supported by Windows XP,
  • Browser updates that are released will need to be installed manually.
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