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Saints Row IV is the continuation of the crazy action game about epic battles between superheroes and hordes of aliens. After an alien invasion of the city of Steelport, you need to go into the very abyss of madness and inflamed chaos in order to destroy the intruders and seize power in your own hands.

Saints Row IV Features

  • Cool and beautiful trailer,
  • Advanced customization system,
  • Realistic action movie simulation,
  • Rich gameplay,
  • Interesting story missions and quests,
  • Various set of clothes for the character,
  • Huge open world with limitless locations,
  • A wide selection of cold and firearms,
  • You can take screenshots and record gameplay on video,
  • Supports single and cooperative modes of passage,
  • Regular game content updates from the publisher DSV Team,
  • Various aliens and people who can be both destroyed and saved,
  • There are versions of Saints Row for PC, Sony PlayStation, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch.


  • Audio recoded to Dolby Digital,
  • Integration with Steam and Origin services,
  • Fascinating and dynamic storyline,
  • Supports virtual reality glasses,
  • Quick account registration for multiplayer,
  • You can jump over several buildings at a time,
  • Has an advanced graphics engine,
  • The presence of realistic physics and mechanics, comparable to GTA 4,
  • The video game includes Action, Shooter, 3rd Person genres,
  • Cool musical accompaniment in the style of rock, punk and dubstep,
  • Pumping physical, magical, mental and superhuman strength,
  • Add-ons available for the Saints Row Gat Hell series, Game of The Century Edition, DLC Season Pass Enter, GAT V City, Hey Comics Pack Volition, Super Wild Child Play, etc.


  • English voice acting (you can put a crack),
  • Rare crashes when loading the mission ‘Flight of Grandpa Zinyak’,
  • Quite a long installation of a computer game against the backdrop of the previous part of Saints Row Third,
  • Not all downloaded mods and updates work with the licensed version of the sandbox.
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