San Andreas Multiplayer (SAMP) download free from Windows

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SAMP is one of the best utilities that allows you to play GTA San Andreas in multiplayer mode with other players. Provides a wide range of online servers. It features support for various mods and scripts.

Features of San Andreas Multiplayer (SAMP)

  • Convenient status bar,
  • Developed notification system,
  • Display the user’s IP address,
  • Hot key control,
  • Added new skins for the main character,
  • The ability to choose any server you like,
  • Installation of various mods and scripts for SAMP multiplayer.


  • Russian interface language,
  • Creating a secure connection,
  • Small installation file size,
  • Compatibility of the latest version of SAMP with Windows 10,
  • Quick integration with the original game GTA San Andreas,
  • The presence of a section with background information for beginners,
  • Low requirements for computer or laptop resources,
  • The function of autosaving server passwords to the specified directory.


  • It is recommended to bet on a clean version of GTA SA,
  • You cannot use cheat codes in an online game.
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