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The game ‘Sandbox – calm your nerves’ on your Windows from Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7 and tablet is the best application in its genre for relaxation. During the game, you do not need to strain, thinking through the battle strategy, etc. Create sand masterpieces and enjoy a unique design!


  • Advertising is completely excluded,
  • Simple and clear control,
  • Over 35 environmental materials,
  • Minimum upload file size,
  • Many different effects and advanced functionality,
  • If the current ‘building’ is tired of it, you can simply blow it up,
  • In the application Sand:Box Sandbox – calm the nerves on Windows, children from 3 years old can play,
  • An interesting and relaxing app. It will also help the development of fantasy and imagination,
  • In the game, you can learn the basic laws of physics and the interaction between available bulk materials,
  • Complete lack of plot, tasks and missions. Create various structures from colorful sand and get the most out of the gameplay.


  • The graphic component leaves much to be desired,
  • There is a donation in the game. Locked items are only available after payment, so the virtual sandbox is not completely free.
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