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Score! Hero for Windows is the famous multi-level sports game for football fans and not only… Build your amazing career from beginner to super pro and play as part of the best football team!


  • Excellent physics,
  • Lots of options,
  • Addictive plot,
  • Russian-language interface,
  • Implemented artificial intelligence,
  • Stunning and spectacular 3D graphics,
  • A large number of exciting levels,
  • Simple and intuitive control,
  • The turn-based football arcade is divided into seasons and consists of 280 levels,
  • It is possible to compete with other players, Facebook friends, etc.


  • Fairly difficult levels,
  • The game contains advertising content,
  • The game requires a permanent connection to the Internet,
  • There is no starting character editor, the player can only be modified during the game,
  • A system of limited energy has been introduced, the recovery of which can be accelerated for a donation.
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