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Scratch 2.0 is an application with a wide range of interactive tools for creating simple games and animations. Contains detailed lessons for teaching novice users all the intricacies of the programming language and visual environment Scratch.

Features of Scratch 2

  • Hot key control,
  • There is a version of Scratch 3.0 Offline Editor,
  • Using the mouse as a drawing tool,
  • Making presentations, creating design,
  • Many different animation and sound effects,
  • Allows you to study detailed instructions on how the script is developed,
  • The interface is simplified as much as possible for a better understanding of the concepts and principles of programming,
  • You can post your project in the official Scratch community or on the GitHub service.


  • Add-on download available,
  • Simplicity and clarity of the interface,
  • Develops scripting skills,
  • You can come up with a key to your project,
  • Low requirements for your PC resources,
  • Explains the purpose of each block as much as possible,
  • Develops creative and logical thinking in schoolchildren,
  • Compatibility of Scratch Programming Language with Windows XP and above,
  • Regular software updates from the official website of the developer.


  • It is not a complete programming environment.
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