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Scratch is a free and easy-to-use program that allows you to create your own animations. Designed to teach primary and secondary school students the basics of programming and design.

Scratch Features

  • Creation of animation of objects and background,
  • Convenient adjustment of the working area,
  • Quick snapshot function from webcam,
  • Duplicate items with one click,
  • A large number of built-in tools,
  • Adding different costumes and sounds for the character,
  • Ability to share projects and components with other users,
  • Building your own script with certain actions,
  • Availability of ready-made scripts and behavior sprites in the Scratch Offline Editor program for PC.


  • Customizable main window,
  • Built-in graphic editor,
  • Simple interface in Russian,
  • It is possible to add several objects at once,
  • Allows you to learn the basics of programming and design,
  • Ability to create games, animations, interactive stories,
  • The great functionality of Skratch is still being developed and expanded upon,
  • The presence of bookmarks in your project for quick editing,
  • Scratch version 1.4 is compatible with Mac OS X and Windows XP (and higher),
  • The Scratch programming language is easy for beginners, and the development environment is adapted to moving objects with arrows and the mouse cursor.


  • Some menu items and sound effects are not translated into Russian.
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