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Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a powerful website analysis tool that provides extensive functionality for SEO-optimizers. It will allow you to analyze and scan the URL in detail, after which it displays an abundance of useful information for technical audit.

Features of Screaming Frog SEO Spider

  • Powerful website scanner, blogs, etc.,
  • Displaying data by meta tags,
  • Built-in CSS script parser,
  • Extensibility through the installation of plugins,
  • Fine-tuning parsing for webmasters,
  • Working with JavaScript Underscore libraries,
  • Convenient visualization of the analyzed content,
  • Supports data export to CSV, TXT, HTML, Word formats,
  • Unloading the content of the necessary tags by regular expression,
  • Integrated audit tool for incoming and outgoing traffic,
  • Generating reports on site ranking and indexing indicators,
  • Allows you to take into account cookies (similar to the GoogleBot search robot),
  • You can find out the type, encoding and nesting level of a particular web page,
  • Assistance in performing relinking to increase positions on promoted queries.


  • Proxy support,
  • Search for duplicate titles,
  • Setting a timeout limit,
  • Low consumption of RAM and CPU,
  • Account protection with login and password,
  • Link text visualization,
  • Full compliance with markup language standards,
  • The utility is more functional compared to many competitors,
  • Displaying recommendations with directives in a pop-up window,
  • Compatible with Windows operating systems, bit depth x86, x64,
  • You can customize the columns with the displayed information using filters and sorting options,
  • Additional checkboxes with markup validation types (, Google Validation, Case-Sensitive),
  • Detects the cause of the occurrence and helps eliminate critical errors (Error 404, ‘No response from the server’, etc.).


  • Low parsing speed without buying additional proxies,
  • English localization of the user interface,
  • The free version can scan no more than five hundred links by default (then you need a keygen or registration).
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