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Scribus is a cross-platform application with powerful tools for visual layout of documents. Allows you to create various printed products, including: business cards, posters, booklets, brochures, magazines, newsletters, posters and so on. Supports high quality file printing function.

Scribus Features

  • CMYK and RGB support,
  • Standard Drag and Drop option,
  • Script automation function,
  • Using the grid and guides,
  • Lots of brushes and pencils for drawing,
  • Embedding ICC profiles in PDF is available,
  • Working with Opentype and Truetype encodings,
  • Quick saving of custom templates,
  • Availability of paragraph and character text styles,
  • There is a Portable version of the utility that does not require installation,
  • Check spelling and placement of correct hyphenation,
  • Creation of replicated publishing products for corporate purposes,
  • Built-in package of polygons, ellipses and other shapes for blanks,
  • You can import and export MS Word, HTML, Palm,, Excel, Gimp, WPS Writer, PDF Reader, Adobe Indesign Quarkxpress, Illustrator, Photoshop, LibreOffice, etc. documentation.


  • Customizable hotkeys,
  • Simple trimming of the visible corners of the image,
  • Using kerning when typing,
  • Overlay an unlimited number of layers,
  • Save to your own document format,
  • Tab for viewing the drawing in printed form,
  • Command line and toolbar,
  • Ease of creating interactive text blocks,
  • Has an open source code Public Open Source,
  • Publication of typographic work in social networks,
  • Support for Unicode, JavaScript, Ghostscript, Mathml, Python, Latex, Oasis,
  • Fast moving, rotating, transforming, editing and formatting layouts,
  • Compatibility of Scribus Desktop Publishing with Windows OS, Mac OS, Linux, Unix (x64, x86).


  • High system requirements,
  • The MacOS version of the utility has received more functionality,
  • Quite a lengthy procedure for installing and running the software.
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