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Sea Battle is an old-school legendary strategy game for Windows. New cool weapons, high-quality animation, but still the same “school notebook in a box”.

Features Sea battle

  • Arrange your ships in turn manually or choose auto-arrangement,
  • Increase your rating with each victory and get high ranks and titles,
  • Achieve the main goal: sink the entire enemy fleet and win by any means,
  • Think over tactics to be the first to defeat the enemy and not give him a chance to damage your fleet,
  • Fight with a robot or with real opponents online over the network, via bluetooth and even on one smartfrom Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7.


  • Beautiful graphics and animation with amazing drawing,
  • Statistics of victories and defeats, global leaderboard,
  • The traditional number and equipment of base ships,
  • ‘Notebook’ style – play on a virtual checkered sheet,
  • Absolutely free to play except for in-game purchases,
  • Two game modes: easy classic and advanced with a bunch of cool weapons,
  • A large selection of various military equipment: bombs, mines, aircraft, submarines, air defense, radar, helicopter attack.


  • In online battle mode, sometimes the game crashes.
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