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Shadow Fight 3 game for Windows: the developers of Nekki dealt a decisive blow, thereby knocking out Mortal Kombat X and Injustice II! A worthy continuation of the legendary series of games in the fighting genre – action RPG again gathers an audience of millions!


  • New locations,
  • 3 unique factions,
  • Spectacular 3D gameplay,
  • Several fighting styles,
  • Russian-language interface,
  • Full multiplayer,
  • 12 new item sets,
  • Many missions and quests,
  • Exciting and vivid 3D battles,
  • Realistic physics of movements,
  • Fascinating storyline,
  • Dozens of new side quests,
  • Implemented Ice Dragon School,
  • New spectacular Shadow abilities,
  • Nice and simple gameplay controls,
  • Smooth well-designed animation during the game,
  • Over a hundred abilities and new super moves for combat,
  • Several game modes: single and multiplayer,
  • Free-to-play. Some things are easier to buy for real than to earn for a game unit,
  • A new event is the Dragon’s lesson. For passing you can get a set of unique armor,
  • An advanced character creation editor that allows you to customize the appearance of your fighter,
  • Full-fledged three-dimensional graphics, with high-quality detailed characters, equipment and weapons,
  • You can invite friends from social networks or fight 1v1 against other real players from all over the world.


  • Long regeneration of missions, sometimes up to 6 hours,
  • Increased complexity of the passage of the company,
  • The cost of armor and weapons for donut is very high!,
  • It is almost impossible to play without a constant Internet connection,
  • There is no connection with previous versions, the concept of the game has been completely changed, as well as its meaning,
  • During a duel with real players, it is possible to pause the game, which inspires doubt and leads to the conclusion: in sparring, not a player, but a BOT!
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