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Skype Online is a browser-based version of the popular messenger from Microsoft Corporation. Offers users a simplified interface and access to all the main functions of a computer application.

Skype Online Features

  • Useful search string for Skype contacts,
  • You can send text messages through the browser,
  • Comfortable work in a separate Skype tab,
  • The presence of a module for making video calls,
  • Convenient notification system on the side screen,
  • Keeping a history of recent correspondence with Skype subscribers,
  • Provides a great way to call abroad,
  • File exchange of different formats is available, quick download to your computer,
  • Automatic installation of the Skype Web Plugin directly into the browser, directly from the official website of the developer.


  • High launch speed of Skype in the browser,
  • Menu appearance customization,
  • Easy and convenient Skype management,
  • Low system requirements Skype,
  • The presence of instructions for beginners,
  • Communication with the administrator is available,
  • The extension does not need to be installed on the PC,
  • Several nice improvements to the Skype interface,
  • Sending your contacts to other messengers,
  • You can chat in group chats with other users,
  • Skype for Business Online is part of Office 365,
  • Instantly connects to servers, can automatically download updates,
  • To sign in to Skype Online, you can sign in to your current account or sign up again using your email address.


  • Skype registration is required,
  • A call to landline numbers from Skype requires a financial investment.
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