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The shutdown timer is a good utility for shutting down your computer or putting it into sleep mode at a specified time. This computer shutdown timer is able to turn off even the Internet, focusing on the specified time.

Features Off Timer

  • Acts like a Windows shutdown timer,
  • There is a function to automatically turn off the PC, the Internet and certain running processes,
  • Possibility to use the shutdown option, given the countdown time,
  • The timer program has the ability to put the system into standby mode,
  • Good remote control performance on all Windows systems.


  • The ability to remotely shutdown in a given period of time,
  • Permanent ability to turn off the computer in automatic mode,
  • There is a Russian language of a rather comfortable outer shell of the menu,
  • Downloading the computer shutdown timer is possible on an absolutely free basis,
  • Very high level of optimization with Windows 7,
  • Timer is a useful program in the most uncomfortable PC operating conditions,
  • Support for legacy systems Xp, Vista.


Compared to some competing programs, the lack of the ability to open operating system files at the time required by the user.

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