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The Smash Hit game for Windows is a beautiful, hypnotic arcade game from which you will get real aesthetic and gaming pleasure. It conquers with its balanced design and unique gameplay.

Smash Hit Features

  • Embark on a surreal journey through unique worlds,
  • Enjoy the incredible appearance of the rooms during the passage of the game,
  • Activate the endless balls mode for a few seconds to shoot down as many objects as possible at once.


  • Shooting from the first person and 3D graphics gives the effect of complete immersion,
  • 50 levels and 11 unusual futuristic locations with stylish decorations,
  • The mesmerizing timekiller is great for the role of an anti-stress application,
  • Original musical accompaniment and realistic sounds of game processes.


  • Checkpoints (places along the course from which you can start after losing) are only available in the Smash Hit Premium version (to activate, click the button in the upper right corner of the main menu).
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