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Soda PDF 3D Reader is a powerful tool for reading, creating and editing PDF files. It differs from analogues in the presence of a unique 3D document reading technology.

Features of Soda PDF

  • Built-in text recognition function,
  • 3D mode for reading PDF files,
  • Commenting tool and adding pointers,
  • Built-in zoom option,
  • Creating bookmarks on the necessary pages,
  • Converting Powerpoint, Excel, Word to PDF documents,
  • There is a powerful search engine.


  • Support for Windows 10, Vista, 8, Windows XP, 7 and different versions of Mac OS,
  • Convenient interface in Russian,
  • The presence of a compact and full-screen reading mode,
  • Creating snapshots of the necessary fragments of the document, saving them to the clipboard,
  • Pretty low system requirements,
  • Customizable document appearance,
  • Functions of highlighting, underlining and strikethrough of text.


  • The official site has stopped releasing updates for the software.
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