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SpaceEngine is a free space simulator that simulates the Universe with all its stunning beauty and incredible volumes. You will be able to explore the expanses of space in three dimensions, starting from our Earth, ending with distant and unexplored galaxies.

Space Engine Features

  • Presence of own planetarium,
  • View function in 100% scale,
  • Access to catalogs NGC, IC, HIPPARCOS,
  • You can complete missions in the sky and on the ground,
  • Create screenshots with the click of a button,
  • Automatic saving of game progress,
  • Improvement of the starship in the process of passing,
  • The engine is based on Newtonian physics,
  • Exploration of outer space in autopilot mode,
  • Each next hero goes on a space journey according to a new scenario.


  • Support for 4k screens,
  • High startup speed,
  • Fast registration procedure,
  • Installation of all DLC Tools add-ons is available,
  • Incredibly exciting and realistic atmosphere,
  • Combines the genres of Space Simulation, Spacecraft, Indie game,
  • A handy hint can help you complete game missions,
  • The Space Engine PC game entered the TOP simulators in its category in 2019,
  • Excellent rendering of textures, high-quality generation of modeling objects,
  • Creation of spacecraft and shuttles using technologies from NASA, SpaceX, NPO Energomash, etc.


  • The lack of a Russian-language version of the voice acting.
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