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Speccy is a simple and user-friendly program that provides detailed information about the operating system and hardware of your PC. Shows all hardware specifications and also helps you determine component temperatures with real-time sensor tracking.


  • Speccy displays information about the Windows system,
  • Monitoring of temperature indicators,
  • Sending reports by e-mail,
  • Ability to customize the tray icon,
  • Internet connection diagnostics,
  • Automatic tracking of software updates,
  • Saving computer configuration data to a text file,
  • Work with peripheral devices and optical disks,
  • Collection of statistical data on the operation of running system services,
  • Getting detailed information about the processor, motherboard, RAM, video card through Speccy.


  • A clear Speccy interface in Russian allows you to get comprehensive information about both the system as a whole and the status of individual components,
  • Customizable notification area,
  • Displaying detailed data about the graphics and sound card, data storage devices, motherboard, the number of free RAM slots,
  • Generation of URLs for viewing reports on the Internet,
  • Software updates from the official Piriform website,
  • Allows you to find out the temperature of the central processor and video card – the option to measure in real time,
  • The latest version of Speccy is optimized with Windows 10 OS,
  • Determines the size, version, brand and model of installed equipment, collects complete diagnostic information,
  • The ability to check not only information about the operating system, but also the specifications of PC components.


  • Specy has more functional counterparts,
  • Information about GPU Nvidia, AMD is not always complete,
  • Allows you only to monitor, measure, check the measurements, but without the possibility of adjusting the parameters – the control is minimal.
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