speedfan download free from Windows


The Speedfan program will allow you to find out the fan speed, the temperature of the components, keep abreast of the frequencies of the system component, and so on.

SpeedFan Features

  • The utility displays data and conducts analytical calculations of temperature, voltage and several other important indicators,
  • Provide accurate fan speed data,
  • Correct informational approach to the motherboard and other components,
  • Support for SMART technology for analyzing hard drives,
  • Improved support for Windows 10,
  • The latest version of the program has the option to adjust fan speeds,
  • Support for relatively outdated OS XP, Vista,
  • The application conducts a web-analysis of the state of hard drives and keeps a record of each analysis,
  • The presence of the Russian language in the design of the interface.


  • Accurate measurements of voltage, speed and temperature of PC components,
  • The possibility of adjusting the frequencies is available,
  • Good optimization with Windows 10,
  • CPU temperature control,
  • Work with Windows XP is possible,
  • Tracking optimal PC temperature modes,
  • The ability to compare the performance of the tested hard drive with the online database of factory components,
  • The presence of the option to change the frequencies of the system bus,
  • The speed of rotation of the cooler is regulated,
  • You can download Speedfan for free,


  • Adjusting the rotation of the fans may cause problems with the previously stable operation of the computer.
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