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Spelling Checker is one of the best services for checking spelling, punctuation, grammar and text style. In just a few seconds, it allows you to identify speech and semantic errors, show all adjacent words with the same root, and also correct typos of any complexity. The built-in database contains absolutely all the rules of the Russian language.

Features Spelling

  • Integrated synonymizer,
  • Conducting a full SEO analysis,
  • Copying your work to the clipboard,
  • Shows all typos and errors in the text,
  • Provides high quality spell checking,
  • Contains an impressive base of thousands of rules of the Russian language,
  • Quick authorization through social networks or e-mail,
  • Determines the correct spelling of a voiced and voiceless consonant in a word,
  • A tool for monitoring term papers and theses for compliance with the requirements of GOST.


  • Quick search for errors online,
  • Processing of a large amount of text,
  • Support for any version of Windows OS,
  • Hot key control,
  • Convenient authorization in your personal account,
  • The presence of a built-in text editor,
  • Highly regarded by philologists and linguists,
  • Shows alphabetic and non-alphabetic orthograms,
  • Compatible with all popular browsers,
  • The service offers a wide range of synonyms and epithets,
  • A complete guide to working with the text verification service.


  • You can use the service for free only a limited number of times, a paid subscription may seem expensive, but students and their parents can use authorization through Dnevnik.ru for free access to checks.
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