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Spider Solitaire for PC is a popular card game that is part of standard applications of different OS versions from Microsoft. It provides exciting gameplay, interesting rules and a choice of different difficulty levels, from beginner to professional.

Features of Spider Solitaire

  • Can be played online and offline,
  • Rewards for each new level,
  • Automatic stack update,
  • A useful function for creating screenshots of the game,
  • All cards are laid out in random order,
  • Allows you to select the background design on the screen,
  • There is a free Spider Solitaire for Windows and iOS,
  • The presence of a section with detailed information about the rules,
  • Many different kinds of combinations are available,
  • Arranging stacks in descending order in the correct order (ace, king, queen, jack, etc.).


  • The game does not require registration,
  • Interesting gameplay,
  • Develops logical thinking,
  • Manual window size adjustment,
  • Fast installation and launch process,
  • Difficulty settings available,
  • Solitaire is included in the package of toys Minesweeper, Backgammon and so on,
  • Compatible with PC based on Windows 10, 8.1, 7,
  • Great entertainment for users of all ages,
  • Cards can be moved and laid out with the mouse button held down.


  • The rules of the game are more complicated than in the usual Kerchief,
  • You can not transfer the card to an empty field by pressing the keys.
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