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Stamina is a typing trainer that will help you learn how to type with ten fingers. It has a simple interface and a convenient hint system.

Features of Stamina

  • Highlighting the position of the current letter,
  • Graph of progress by days and sessions,
  • Support for multiple users,
  • Built-in typing lessons editor,
  • The latest version of Stamina 2.5 is compatible with Windows 7,
  • Stamina offers alternative finger positions on the virtual keyboard.


  • Keeps statistics on sessions,
  • Display of area of ​​fingers for input,
  • Key layout memorization lessons,
  • Keyboard in Russian, English, Ukrainian,
  • The presence of a graph of changes in speed during the session,
  • Pleasant musical accompaniment and menu design theme.


  • Rare crashes when changing the keyboard layout (requires restarting the software),
  • There are no updates for the Stamina program from the official website of the developer.
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