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StarCraft II Wings of Liberty is the continuation of the sci-fi trilogy about the large-scale confrontation between the three powerful races of the protoss, zerg and terrans. Create your own intergalactic army and go to conquer enemy territories and free the universe from the impending darkness.

Features of StarCraft II

  • Russian voice acting and interface localization,
  • Communication using text and voice chats, broadcasting,
  • Many different blades and military weapons,
  • A high-quality trailer about the events of the StarCraft game,
  • Built-in rating of user achievements,
  • Development of indicators of tactics and extraction of resources,
  • New improvements to existing combat units,
  • You can create screenshots and record gameplay on video,
  • Huge locations, a large number of different units,
  • The presence of an exciting storyline with many missions and quests,
  • Access to the eSports competition service on,
  • The official website of the developer regularly releases updates to game content,
  • Support for single player campaign or online play with hundreds of other players from all over the world.


  • Added integration with the Steam service,
  • Audio recoded to Dolby Digital,
  • Fine-tuning controls,
  • Updated and improved object textures,
  • Includes genres Strategy, 3D Game,
  • Lots of blogs and forums for fans,
  • Included in the TOP Blizzcon 2017 esports exhibition,
  • Realistic physics, mechanics and animation effects,
  • There is a quick save key for a single passage,
  • High-quality sound implementation and excellent graphics engine,
  • There are versions of StarCraft for PC, Xbox One, Sony PlayStation and Nintendo Switch,
  • Installation of additions Heart Swarm, Legacy Void, Brood War, Shadow Reloaded Pac and so on is available,
  • The strategy release from Blizzard and publisher Activision attracted more than 100 million fans.


  • More features in the final part of StarCraft Legacy Void 2015 PC,
  • For a successful game, you often have to make purchases.
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