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Steam is a digital distribution service for computer games and software. Allows you to search, buy and download games. It is a gaming social network that makes it possible to reduce the time to search for new games, communicate with friends and other community members, and learn news from the world of the gaming industry.

Steam Features

  • There are several options for quickly launching games and programs,
  • The service can be used both on a PC and on various mobile devices,
  • Possibility of online duels with real users,
  • Formation of backup copies of purchased materials,
  • Built-in achievement system, located in the account information,
  • Customization of skins and external shell of the interface,
  • Various discount offers for official content,
  • The software provides access to Steam statistics with a view of your place in the ranking by user ID,
  • In addition to shopping, you can view the latest news, trailers, walkthroughs, chat with like-minded people,
  • There is a specialized online market where you can buy in-game items, video games and add-ons to them, renew or cancel subscriptions,
  • Access to your account from any gadget and anywhere in the world from the Steam client.


  • Not only Windows is supported, but also the Mac OS operating system, as well as Linux,
  • Ability to install additional content for Call of Duty, Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress and other titles,
  • Ease of installing games from Steam Cloud,
  • Text and voice chat, developed by the Steam Community for communication – you will always be aware of new products and sales,
  • Ease of item exchange for multiplayer multiplayer games,
  • Provides automatic updates from the official website,
  • The service offers to purchase games in early access and get their digital copies first,
  • Compact file size for downloading Steam on a computer,
  • The presence of a large number of games, constant sales of games of different genres,
  • Russian-language interface in the Steam store from Valve,
  • Acceptable system requirements, user-friendly interface, the ability to customize the keyboard, mouse,
  • The free program has the function of storing game data on the server,
  • The Steam gaming platform supports a variety of devices up to TV, xbox and virtual reality helmets,
  • Responsive support will help you solve problems or return the game if you bought it by accident.


  • A full purchase of the versions of the games you are interested in is required to use all the features,
  • To work correctly, you will need a constant connection to the network – the Steam Guard system for copyright protection does not allow updating and activating games offline, in addition, a Valve account is required to download games using Steam.
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