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Stellarium is a program that is a virtual planetarium with advanced features. Shows high-quality 3D images of stars, planets and satellites in real time.

Features of Stellarium

  • Equatorial and azimuthal grids,
  • Display of the starry sky in 3D,
  • Viewing a realistic milky way,
  • Possibility of time management,
  • High-quality images of constellations,
  • Beautiful panoramic landscapes,
  • Astronomy Stellarium maintains the Messier catalog,
  • Allows you to watch sunsets and sunrises,
  • Building your own space objects and landscapes.


  • Multilingual interface,
  • Enable the fisheye effect,
  • Convenient telescope control,
  • Availability of open source code,
  • Standard and perspective view of the map,
  • Shows artificial earth satellites,
  • Simulation of fog, atmosphere, realistic sky,
  • Possibility to enlarge and reduce the image,
  • Low requirements for the processor and RAM,
  • The new software version supports Windows 10 and Mac OS X,
  • Over 600,000 stars, constellations and other space objects.


  • The latest software version is not compatible with Windows XP and Vista,
  • It may take some time to download the full catalog of stars on your computer.
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