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Sublime Text is a text editor with a large set of tools for processing text and code snippets. It enjoys high popularity among programmers, layout designers and web developers.

Sublime Text Features

  • Support for 27 programming languages,
  • Open source,
  • Automatic saving of documents,
  • Spell check, multi-selection, bookmarks,
  • Ability to control using hot keys,
  • Search function using regular expressions,
  • Built-in multi-panels for working with several documents at the same time,
  • The presence of convenient tools: column selection, multiple editing, syntax highlighting, etc.


  • Work in full screen mode,
  • Setting pointers by text,
  • Convenient interface, simple operation,
  • Software updates from the official site,
  • Parallel editing on 5-6 screens,
  • Ability to search and replace regular expressions,
  • Highlighting, marking and processing code fragments,
  • The editor offers options for completing the entry like T9,
  • Sublime Text Build 3126 is optimized for Windows and Linux, Mac OS,
  • It is possible to connect plug-ins that expand the functionality of the software.


  • English interface language.
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