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Subway Surfers is an Windows game that has been on Google Play’s top ratings for years. Get ready for a bright, dynamic adventure and daring deeds: you have to run away from law enforcement officers at the railway station.


  • Control your hero on your smartfrom Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7 and tablet with one touch,
  • With each update in the World Tour theme, new locations open up,
  • Thematic (New Year, Easter, etc.) interesting tasks in the game,
  • Simple and clear gameplay, no lengthy training required,
  • Rhythmic, memorable, but unobtrusive musical accompaniment,
  • Bright, colorful HD-graphics, funny scenery and memorable characters,
  • Purchase of various improvements for play money – keys and gold coins,
  • Diverse gameplay: you need to run fast, jump, turn sharply, fly.


For five years of existence, Subway Surf has not released a Russian version of the game.

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