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Super Korova

The fun game Super Cow will appeal to absolutely all fans of the ‘arcade platformers’ genre. Crazy Professor Duriarty escaped from prison and decided to capture the unfortunate animals as captives, a flock of inhuman experiments on them. Our heroine must destroy the evil plans of the villain and free the animals.

Features Super cow

  • Fascinating storyline,
  • The presence of a variety of inhabitants of the farm,
  • The hero has incredible jumping ability,
  • More than 10 episodes and 50 levels in colorful locations,
  • Increasing the strength of the cow in the process of passing the PC game.


  • Russian interface language,
  • Extremely simple control,
  • It is possible to play online,
  • Exciting fights with opponents,
  • Detailed character animations,
  • The platformer will appeal to children and adults,
  • Funny three-dimensional characters are voiced by famous actors.


  • More levels have been added to the full version of the cow game.
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