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New Super Mario Bros for PC is a legendary story about a brave mustachioed plumber named Mario in a new colorful wrapper. Will appeal to anyone who loves Mario and his brother Luigi, but is dead tired of the classic version of the game.

Features of Super Mario Bros for Windows

  • Rescue the princess from the clutches of Bowser,
  • Collect all coins and bonuses on the level,
  • Complete 8 different fantasy worlds,
  • Fight a bunch of unusual monsters and their king,
  • Activate the bricks with a blow to the head and get bonuses,
  • Go into the Fire Mario state and send fireballs at enemies,
  • Use special suits that give unusual strength (penguin, flying squirrel, etc.).


  • Gambling passage for a while,
  • Catchy musical effects,
  • A large number of caches with coins,
  • An original remake of the classic game,
  • Multiplayer mode (up to 5 players),
  • Combination of two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics,
  • Gradual increase in difficulty – from simple levels to very difficult,


  • Wii controller required for control
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