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Switch Off is an interesting utility that turns off the computer. Among its options, there is also a system lock, as well as the ability to close running operations at a certain time.


  • The Windows system becomes managed by remote access,
  • Explicit indicators of saved electricity during PC shutdowns during sleep,
  • The ability of the program to block the system,
  • Management of professional functions located on the command line,
  • The ability to temporarily block the system,
  • The latest version of the program, supports WAP,
  • Option to disable modem connection,
  • Support for Windows operating systems of various modifications, including Windows Xp and Windows Vista.


  • Support management of any computer with Windows OS,
  • Switch Off is a completely free program,
  • Quick access to the PC system to turn it off / restart,
  • Possibility to add custom settings regarding the execution time of a certain operation,
  • Support for legacy Windows 2000,
  • If necessary, there is a function to disable the Internet connection,
  • Restarting the computer, breaking the modem connection,
  • Compact size of the Switch installation file,
  • The switch program is distributed in Russian.


Rare command line crashes are possible,
Several incorrectly translated phrases for the design of the interface shell.

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