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Talking Tom Gold Run for PC is an endless runner game with colorful locations and funny characters. The main character of the game is the famous cat Tom. You have to help him return the gold that the bandits treacherously stole.

Features of Talking Tom Gold Run

  • Funny plot: the raccoon robbed the house of the cat Tom and is trying to escape from the scene of the crime,
  • As you progress, you can open secondary characters and select an individual style for them,
  • The longer you run, the higher the difficulty level becomes: the speed and the number of obstacles increase,
  • During the game, landscapes are constantly changing, the usual locations of the city alternate with fantastic places,
  • The game contains elements of a simulator: you can build a house and dress up cartoon characters,
  • The goal is not to catch up with the thief raccoon, but to run after him in hot pursuit and collect as much stolen gold as possible on the way and stay at a distance as long as possible,
  • Wagons, trailers, moving cars, road barriers and various other obstacles are placed very tightly, which makes the game difficult and therefore exciting.


  • Integration with social networks: share your achievements in the game with friends,
  • If you have an emulator, the Russified version of the game is easy to download and install on your computer,
  • Chasing a thief is doubly fun under a perky dynamic musical accompaniment,
  • Excellent graphics with a rich palette and beautiful drawing is preserved even on the big screen,
  • In the most unexpected places, you can find caches with cool bonuses: coin multipliers, a magnet, a protective helmet, etc.,
  • Sound effects, active facial expressions of the characters, funny reactions to different actions will cheer you up and will not let you get bored,
  • The game provides an opportunity not only to have fun, but also to train certain skills: concentration, reaction speed, perseverance, etc.


  • The game requires a stable internet connection.
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