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Talking Tom Gold Run is an endless runner for Windows with a popular character from the Tamagotchi series of apps. The main advantages of the game: a dynamic plot, bright graphics, energetic music and many different features that make the gameplay fun and original.

Features of Talking Tom Gold Run

  • You have to move quickly, but carefully, because there are many dangers on the way,
  • Avoid collision with all sorts of obstacles and change the trajectory with the help of swipes in all directions,
  • During the passage, you have the opportunity to train a variety of useful skills: mindfulness, reaction, concentration, hand motility,
  • It will be easy only at the first levels: as you pass, the speed and density of obstacles increases, and it will become more difficult to successfully avoid collisions.


  • Now you can play with Tom not only in mini-games in the simulator, but also in a full-fledged runner for from Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7s and tablets,
  • Your goal: to collect all the gold scattered by the thief and build a house for Tom,
  • Chase the thief in unusual locations to a great incendiary soundtrack,
  • Find pleasant bonuses in the caches to increase the quality of the game: coin doublers, a magnet to attract gold, a protective helmet, etc.,
  • Pick up a safe on the way and open it: you will find hidden treasures in it,
  • Tell your friends about your achievements and record distance on social networks,
  • Immerse yourself in a colorful, unforgettable adventure – ‘catch-up’ with Tom will appeal to all players – both adults and children.
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