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Terraria for from Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7, tablet is a new strong competitor among games with 2D graphics in the sandbox genre! Build and explore your own unique pixel world full of aggressive mobs, interesting items and resources.


  • Russian-language interface,
  • Wide range of tools,
  • Free free crafting,
  • Simple, convenient and clear control,
  • Over 200 recipes for creating resources,
  • Mostly new types of various weapons,
  • Variable creation of your character, in comparison with Minecraft,
  • Several game modes: expert, solo or with other players,
  • The game is supported on all modern mobile devices,
  • Due to the great popularity of the game is constantly improving and supplemented with innovations,
  • More than 25 NPCs in hard and easy modes, who will always find an interesting task just for you,
  • There are 800+ items in the game, such as: armor, weapons, recipes, potions, building materials, etc.,
  • The full version of the game Terraria on Windows has 26 biomes (locations) that are generated uniquely for each player: forest, dungeon, heaven, desert, jungle, spider holes, Hell, oceans and more.


  • Graphics from the style of a 16-bit platformer,
  • Monotonous music that quickly gets bored,
  • The game world map has frames, which is not entirely appropriate,
  • Periodically observed application crashes, braking and crashes,
  • Before starting the game, you must turn off the Internet, or you will be guaranteed a crash,
  • The developers’ frivolous approach to optimizing the game, therefore, on some devices it may not load at all.
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