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The Amazing Spider-Man for smartfrom Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7 is another continuation of a series of action games from the developers of Gameloft, based on the plot of the film of the same name. Challenge the evil Lizard and his gangs!


  • Sophisticated combat system,
  • Dynamic events have been introduced into the game,
  • Simple and intuitive control,
  • 25 different tasks and interesting missions,
  • Improved shaders and special gameplay effects,
  • Excellent 3D graphics: an open city with residents, side buildings, etc.,
  • Fascinating 3D fights with the enemy in the style of melee and long-range attacks,
  • There are 5 residential areas of the New York metropolitan area available: Business Center, Central Park, Wharf, Residential District and Center.


  • Poorly thought out villain characters, no fantasy,
  • The levels in the game are quite monotonous and quite easy to pass,
  • To install The Amazing Spider Man on Windows, you need to have 2GB of free memory on your device.
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