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The Sims FreePlay is the mobile version of the legendary life simulation game. This is a virtual world in which you control the inhabitants of a virtual city, practice interior design and the rational distribution of finances, time and vitality of your character.


  • Regular game updates with the addition of characters, decor, animals, etc.,
  • Many public places: car dealership, supermarket, pet store, etc.,
  • Addictive gameplay – The Sims Freeplay on Windows can be played for years,
  • Good graphics with amazing detail – even the stories on TV are animated,
  • You can create impressive estates: houses with a built-on mezzanine and a kitchen with a wood-burning stove, delightful courtyards with benches and sculptures.


  • Very intrusively offer to issue a VIP-subscription,
  • After leveling up, prices for materials, furniture, etc. rise.
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