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The Sims™ Mobile is the next version of the most popular life simulator. This time, the developers have focused on communication, career growth, and changing the image of Sims. You can also play online with your friends.


  • An exciting life simulator from EA studio, which has become a worldwide hit,
  • The game is available for all devices based on Windows – tablets, from Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7s,
  • Rich gameplay with daily quests and events,
  • Colorful graphics, various locations, unique characters,
  • Many options for choosing the appearance of your hero: from clothing items to facial features,
  • A full-fledged simulator in which you can create your own character with a unique character,
  • Paid jobs for your Sims – get play money, build a career and socialize,
  • Shopping for the home of a virtual person: in the store you can find any interior items.


  • You can not sell unnecessary interior items,
  • Each action of a virtual character lasts a certain, sometimes very long time.
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