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TikTok for Windows from Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7 and tablet is the official application from the mobile social network of the same name, popular in Russia. Create an account in just a few seconds and share your talented videos with friends all over the world!

Features of TikTok

  • Create and share unique videos,
  • Add your favorite music to an existing video,
  • Combine several small videos together,
  • Show your videos to users around the world,
  • Insert funny emojis and stickers to convey your emotions,
  • Process finished creations with the editor: Timelapse, slow down, speed up, skip frames


  • Constantly updated pleasant design,
  • Simple, convenient and multifunctional editor,
  • The application has its own internal HIT PARADE,
  • Automatic notification of the user about new likes,
  • For ease of viewing, many files are shot vertically,
  • A huge database of free melodies, divided by genre for convenience,
  • A wide and constantly updated set of various stickers for editing selfies,
  • The latest version of TikTok has the ability to display videos by hashtags,
  • For easy searching, files on the web are divided into categories: video comedies, dances, vlogs, sports, with the participation of animals, etc.,
  • When publishing your videos, you can use the privacy settings by setting public or private access,
  • Periodically, online broadcasts are held with celebrities, to whom users have the opportunity to ask questions,
  • The largest and easiest-to-use set of tools for quick editing, merging, duplicating and editing photo-video files,
  • The entire set of functions, however, as well as the client itself, are completely free, but, however, some tools are available only after uploading the first video to the network.


  • Very annoying advertising content,
  • Takes up a lot of device memory
  • Periodically, when uploading a video to the network, it simply disappears and is not published,
  • In the application, during shooting, freezes are observed, sometimes it becomes unavailable for viewing the ‘Line of Leaders’ and other lags,
  • The Russified version of the application is not yet very popular, therefore the main content: skits, fragments of programs, songs is still in English.
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