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TLauncher is a launcher for Minecraft that allows you to download, install, update and run different versions of the game. Offers to download all sorts of mods, skins, maps and expand the standard features of the original sandbox.

Features of TLauncher for Minecraft

  • Built-in developer console,
  • You can use hotkeys,
  • You can easily change your nickname in Maine,
  • Quick installation of mods, skins and maps,
  • Support for Forge and Optifine modifications,
  • Fine graphics and sound settings are available,
  • The presence of a separate panel for entering cheat codes,
  • Allows you to download the latest updates for game content,
  • A wide selection of clothes, suits, raincoats in the Skins Store Downloads market,
  • Sending notifications and news events to users by email,
  • The ability to access the developer’s service and leave feedback about the application,
  • Create screenshots and videos of gameplay, as well as save them to a specified folder.
  • Loads any version of Minecraft Java Edition from alpha to snapshot (1.12, 2.0, 2.22 and so on).


  • Protection of your IP address,
  • Lack of errors and bugs,
  • Improves the texture quality of objects,
  • The ability to enter the server of any country,
  • Nice design of the Russian-language interface,
  • Integration with the computer file system,
  • Downloading the current assembly of Mine is available,
  • Round-the-clock communication with the technical support service,
  • Fixed the program icon on the desktop,
  • Added button ‘authorize in one click’,
  • Opens access to mlauncher and flauncher functions,
  • Provides an exciting and dynamic gameplay,
  • Using a licensed Minecraft account from Mojang,
  • There are Tlauncher communities in various social networks,
  • Legacy TLauncher 2.53 compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS.


  • More features and advanced settings in TLauncher Premium,
  • Rare crashes when installing some types of skins for characters,
  • It is necessary to register (subsequent login / password authorization will be performed automatically).
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