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Tor Browser is one of the best methods to secure your Internet connection thanks to the implementation of multi-level traffic encryption. The main task of the program is to ensure the anonymity of surfing the Internet. As a nice bonus, you can use Tor to access blocked sites in your area.

Features of Tor Browser

  • It is possible to bypass the blocking of certain Internet resources,
  • Ability to change the user’s IP address,
  • Anonymous browser, so the user’s physical location is always hidden,
  • Provides a complete prohibition of network surveillance from third-party users of a particular web resource,
  • The principle of operation of a set of utilities makes them the best means of achieving anonymity,
  • Connecting to the tor network has a positive effect on page load times,
  • Tor technology has an increased level of security compared to conventional browsers,
  • It is possible to relay traffic within the network, round-the-clock safe surfing,
  • The regular Vidalia utility makes it possible to bypass the blocked site and re-register on it.


  • A browser that provides user anonymity on the network thanks to a distributed network of servers and a system for hiding visited hosts,
  • The latest version was correctly optimized for Windows 10, Linux, Mac OS,
  • It is a good alternative to the standard browser,
  • The history and cache of the Tor browser are cleared automatically every time you exit the program,
  • Provides protection of accounts and anonymity of visiting resources,
  • The Tor developer provides periodic updates to the software and utility suite,
  • The Tor Project is Open Source, i.e. the application is open source,
  • Comfortable work around the world, the owner’s information is encrypted many times,
  • An updated graphical shell is available,
  • Protection of a distributed network, as well as virtual tunnels, control over the Internet connection, providing traffic analysis,
  • There is an add-on HTTPS Everywhere, a fast connection to a network of servers from the Tor project.


  • Tor Browser for Windows is, in fact, the basis of a set of common utilities for Mozilla Firefox.
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