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The classic two-pane file manager Total Commander is one of the oldest representatives of the class. It copes well with file management operations – selects, copies, moves, deletes and renames them, doing it conveniently and quickly.

Features of Total Commander

  • Control via hotkeys saves time,
  • Nice GUI Total Commander supports tabs,
  • Total Commander has a huge amount of settings,
  • Various modes of displaying information about content,
  • Customizable control panels – horizontal, vertical,
  • Selecting a list of files using combinations with CTRL, SHIFT, similar to Windows Explorer,
  • Checksum calculation option – check crc32, md5, sha1,
  • Excellent viewer for the file system (comparison by content),
  • There are many internal commands for maximum efficiency,
  • Can be used even after 30 test days,
  • Setting passwords for subdirectories,
  • Advanced search for texts, highlighting and comparing files with different formats among themselves,
  • Automatic update of Total Commander and its components,
  • Many useful tools for performing non-standard tasks.


  • The latest version of the program is more convenient for working with large files and groups of small ones in the background,
  • Comfortable user interface, help from the official website of Total Commander,
  • Excellent sorting, filters can be configured, which is especially convenient for viewing system files,
  • Any current Windows operating system is supported,
  • Support for third-party plugins increases the capabilities of the program,
  • Ability to save settings in the folder with the program and transfer it to another PC (or from a USB drive),
  • The presence of a command line for entering commands (Alt + F8),
  • A simple virus check is integrated (you can expand the functionality with a third-party add-on),
  • Full Russian interface language (localization) in the new version of Windows Total Commander 9.0a,
  • Tool for group renaming of files and folders (there is an automatic renaming with the given parameters),
  • Total Commander Powerpack is released already with a set of plugins integrated by default to expand functions,
  • The built-in ftp client can function through a proxy,
  • Ability to add content plugins and add-ons,
  • Flexible configuration settings for function keys, customizable templates and aliases,
  • You can set file associations for the archive packer, Unicode text object wizard, etc.,
  • Available version of Total Commander for mobile devices (tablet, smartfrom Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7).


  • The software requires administrator rights for full functioning,
  • A shareware program, you can use it without payment, but after 30 days at launch, a window with an offer to purchase will begin to appear, which closes with one click,
  • The need to learn keyboard shortcuts from F2 to F8 and others, for a more productive user interaction with TC, is a learning curve for beginners.
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